VAULT Festival is London and the UK’s biggest, boldest and wildest curated arts and entertainment festival, hosting hundreds of events each year across Waterloo.


Comedy duo MOTHER, made up of Jack Mosedale and Laura Curnick, are performing their low-brow, high-camp comedy sketches from 31st Jan – 2nd Feb at 9:15pm.


Sketch-comedy group Just These, Please (Phillipa CarsonWilliam Sebag-MontefioreGeorgie Jones and Tom Dickson) of When You Order Coffee with An Irish Name viral fame are bringing their show Suitable to London from the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe on 13th Feb, 20th Feb and 27th Feb at 9.15pm.


Impressionist and viral sensation Josh Berry is performing two work in progress shows on the 2nd Feb at Vaulty Towers (6.30pm) and 15th Feb at the Horse and Stables (4.30pm). Expect bang-on imitations of your favourite celebs from James Acaster and Roger Federer, to Jacob Rees-Mogg and everyone in between.


Following her debut solo run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019, Sukh Ojla brings her brilliant solo comedy hour to London in Life Sukhs. Catch her at 8:30pm on 19th – 20th Feb.


Fresh from their run at the Soho Theatre of their Edinburgh Comedy Award nominated show Dougal, Goodbear (Joe Barnes and Henry Perryment) are playing at 9:15pm on 28th Feb and 12th March in Goodbear and Friends.


You can see Maddy Anholt in her new show, How To Train Your Psychopath, on 4th and 5th March at 9:45pm. How To Train Your Psychopath is a darkly witty insight into the bizarre world of controlling relationships. We’ll learn if it’s possible to train a psychopath, and when it’s better to get the f*** out!


Hamish Lloyd Barnes can be seen in Spies Like Us’ Our Man in Havana and work in progress Speed Dial on 6th and 7th March at 18:00. In Speed Dial, when a Professor answers an apparently random phone call that seems eerily pertinent to their own life, decade-long feuds are uncovered and old wounds are prised open. Our Man in Havana is set amidst the sultry climes of Havana where our heroes twirl, twitch and tango away from enemy agents, MI6 and the truth.


Geraint Rhys will be making his Vault festival debut this year in Urvashi Bohra’s new play Big which explores society’s relationship with body image and wonders why the world can’t let someone’s soulmate be pizza. Big is running 3rd – 8th March at 6.15pm.