Jeremy Vine brought you the latest statistics and figures from all the local elections across the UK as part of the Super-Thursday elections on May 5th 2016, as he once again was the BBC’s go-to graphics guy. He reported on the English Council Elections, which included the hotly contested Mayor of London decision ending in a Labour win for Sadiq Khan. He will of course be back on June 23rd when Britain votes on whether or not to remain part of the EU.

Over the next few months Jeremy Vine will be informing and entertaining the public across the BBC by being the voice of the people on ‘Points of View‘ every Sunday, with his daily BBC Radio 2 show which continues to lift people’s spirits and bring real life stories to the masses, and on top of all of that he can also be seen quizzing those ‘Eggheads‘ every week day at 6pm on BBC2. In addition to that it has been announced that Jeremy will be hosting a show later in the year in search of 2 brand new Eggheads; more information here.

He’s a busy man our Jeremy – and there’s no slowing him down.