Noel Gay are thrilled to have a really eclectic mix of exciting shows in Edinburgh this year, performing across all major venues.

Firm favourites Ian Smith and Goodbear are returning with new shows, whilst Sukh Ojla and Tamsyn Kelly present their debut stand-up hours.

We also have brilliant new shows from Jack Mosedale in MOTHER, sketch group Just These Please,  Lenny Sherman and impressionist Josh Berry, alongside improv shows Bumper Blyton starring Jonah Fazel and Dan Quirke in Sh*t-Faced Showtime’s Alice Through the Cocktail Glass.

For more information and tickets to any of our clients’ shows, click here.


17.05 Jonah Fazel in Bumper Blyton

17.15 Ian Smith: Half Life

22:00 Dan Quirke in Shit-Faced Showtime: Alice Through the Cocktail Glass

Gilded Balloon

12.15 Just These Please: Suitable

17.15 Sukh Ojla: For Sukh’s Sake

22:15 Jack Mosedale in MOTHER


16.10 Josh Berry: Who Does He Think He Is?

Just the Tonic at the Caves

20.00 Tamsyn Kelly: Petroc

Pleasance Dome

21.40 Goodbear: Dougal

Frankenstein Pub – Bier Keller

17.00 Lenny Sherman: Have Fun