Nelufar Hedayat goes deep into the global black market to meet The Traffickers in an exciting new series for Fusion.

Nelufar, investigates the fine line between the legitimate market and the black market. She exposing extraordinary stores, seeing first-hand how illicit goods and people move from consumer to source. As Nel travels off-the-grid and under-the-radar she discovers that while everything has a price, these underground networks are not as black and white as they seem.

The series builds on Nelufar’s extraordinary catalogue of projects including working for Unreported World, Newsround, BBC Radio 4 and Channel 4 News as well as they films she made for BBC Three including the award winning Women, War, Weddings and Me. Nelufar strives to find the human stories often focusing on cultural upheaval experiences by women, children and families in conflict and hostile places.

As with all of her work in The Traffickers Nelufar connects with the incredible people who consume, source and sell counterfeit goods finding out their stories and motivations. These incredible tales see Nel travel across 22 countries including: Colombia, India, Bulgaria, Greece and Nigeria where she sheds light on the criminal networks that drive the vast and complicated world of trafficking. She embeds herself into a network of profit-driven dealers, compliant middlemen, bribe-taking officials, poachers and smugglers and fully explores both the players and the process, from visiting dingy alleyways and bustling markets to investigating the transportation networks, packaging factories, and safe houses. By securing access to government officials and leaders, and taking advantage of timely intel and her linguistic prowess, she can go where the story takes her, no matter the danger or the distance.

The full trailer for The Traffickers can be found here.

The Traffickers premiered on Fusion on Sunday November 13th at 22:00ET. If you do not have access to this network the first two episodes are available through iTunes with a season pass.