Fiona Bruce hosted this one off special before the series return in September where she was joined on the panel by Journalist and documentary presenter Nelufar Hedayat on the subject of the current events happening in Afghanistan.

Born in Afghanistan, Nelufar escaped with her family as a refugee in the 90’s. Over 10 years ago, Nelufar made her first film for BBC 3, Women, War, Weddings and Me, which saw her return to her country of birth and see what her life would have been like if she and her family had stayed. In the last year, she has embarked on discussing her heritage in a professional capacity and this week she joined Fiona Bruce and a host of MP’s to discuss the developments in Afghanistan and the experiences of those living there trying to seek refuge.

The Question Time Afghanistan special can be watched on BBC iPlayer.

Nelufar has also appeared this week on BBC radio 5 Live, Times Radio and other programmes providing first-hand insights and discussions with her unique integrity, compassion and expertise.