Natasha Magigi stars as Lady / Dusty / Christine Thoseby / Cleo in The Clothes They Stood Up In at the Nottingham Playhouse.

A night at the opera ends with a shock for mild-mannered couple Maurice and Rosemary Ransome when they open their front door to discover their flat completely empty. From light bulbs to carpets to toilet paper, even their chicken casserole has been stolen.

The Ransomes turn detective to try and work out who is behind this outrageous act, and why and how they did it. Along the way, they are forced to examine their lives when stripped bare of the worldly possessions that define us all. Should they rebuild their old life, or begin afresh?

A bittersweet exploration of marriage, dreams and lives unlived.

Taking place from the 9th September – 1st October, tickets can be purchased here