Krishnan Guru-Murthy is back presenting the first episode of a new series of Unreported World on Channel 4.

After commentating the Rio Paralympics Opening Ceremony earlier this month, Krishnan has travelled to Yemen to reveal the catastrophic effect of a Saudi-led coalition’s bombing campaign – which uses British-supplied weapons – with millions of people consequently facing starvation. The bombing, together with a naval blockade on Yemen’s major port, has resulted in a humanitarian emergency. Krishnan, and his director Patrick Wells are the first international crew to film in Hodeidah port, which is critical to Yemen’s food supply. The port used to handle 70 per cent of imports, in a country that imports 90 per cent of its food.

Yemen’s civil war gets less coverage, perhaps because the Saudi authorities are highly sensitive about any reporting of their bombing campaign there. That hasn’t stopped Krishnan, who reports on the results of that bombing, bringing us scenes of sick and malnourished children that are devastating.

  • Krishnan Guru-Murthy presents Yemen: Britain’s Unseen War – Tonight, Channel 4, 19:30