Joshua Rozenberg presents Radio 4’s long-running legal magazine programme Law in Action, featuring reports and discussion on matters relating to law.

Joshua is Britain’s best-known commentator on the law, regularly popping up on news networks in the UK and beyond, including Sky News and BBC News Channel. He has been a columnist for both The Guardian and BBC Online and currently writes twice a month for The Law Society Gazette. Joshua was the BBC’s Legal Correspondent for 15 years before moving in 2000 to The Daily Telegraph where he edited the paper’s legal coverage until 2008.

Covid and the Law – 2nd March 2021

Government rules to suppress the spread of Covid-19 range from mere guidance to regulations enforceable under criminal law. How do we tell the difference? And will these laws stay on the statute books beyond the pandemic, or lapse in due course?

Discriminatory prison sentences – 9th March 2021

Can new sentencing guidelines ensure that there is no racial unfairness when it comes to sending someone to prison? Scotland needs the agreement of the Westminster-based UK government to hold a referendum about independence legally. But could there be legal options around the need for Westminster’s approval? And can vaccination be made compulsory in some circumstances?


Can the law fight climate change? – 16th March 2021
Around the world environmentalists are taking governments and companies to court to fight climate change. Joshua Rozenberg explores how the law is evolving into a powerful activists’ tool. Senior lawyers are developing the concept of “ecocide”, with the aim to make it an indictable offence at the International Criminal Court, analogous to genocide or crimes against humanity.

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