Jeremy Vine is back presenting the third episode of new look Crimewatch alongside Tina Daheley on BBC One tonight at 9pm.

Crimewatch is now broadcast live from a mobile incident studio at the site of an incident that is the focus of the show. Tonight’s show comes from Thames Valley Police HQ in Oxfordshire and features a special investigation into the recent spike in knife crime, particularly involving teenagers. Plus there is the inside story of how detectives caught a schoolboy killer.

Before joining the series, Jeremy said: “I grew up watching Crimewatch. It is one of the most powerful programmes the BBC has ever broadcast with the power to change and save lives, and of course, to solve crimes. To present it is a great honour and with this new format Crimewatch will be even more at the heart of the BBC One schedule.”

Executive Editor Joe Mather said: “We’re delighted to have two absolutely first rate live broadcasters take the helm of Crimewatch. Jeremy is the ideal presenter to lead such an important and established BBC One series. He has the perfect mix of serious journalism alongside genuine empathy towards the victims of crime and their families.”

The previous 2 episodes focused on the attempted kidnapping of an RAF airman, the dangers of online dating, the unsolved murder of Caroline Glachan, the rise in hate crime following the Brexit referendum and how police caught a murderer after 31 years.

Following its September 2016 run, Crimewatch will return to BBC One for its next block of episodes in early 2017.


If you have any information on any of the crimes reported you can contact the show here. Or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Be sure to keep up with Jeremy on his Radio 2 show every weekday from midday.