Election heavyweights Emily Maitlis, Jeremy Vine and Sarah Montague guided you through the night and into the early morning as the UK voted in one of the most important referendums in the country’s history, while our fabulous political pundit Ayesha Hazarika joined ITV as part of their all night commentary. Gavin Esler and BBC Business Editor Simon Jack took part in the wider discussion reporting live from Edinburgh and the economy, respectively.

As the country headed to the polls, no matter how you voted, there was a Noel Gay client to help analyse the information as it came in.

In the lead up, Emily Maitlis was one of the chairs of the BBC’s Great Debate live from Wembley Arena, joining high-profile politicians, business people and cultural figures to debate Britain’s membership of the EU in front of an audience of thousands.

On the day itself Emily and Jeremy Vine were part of the BBC News results show which was live through the night as the results unfolded. Emily talked with politicians, constitutional experts and business leaders, while Jeremy was the man with the stats, illustrating the outcome with his glorious graphics wizardry.

Also as part of the BBC reporting team Gavin Esler was live from Edinburgh with the Scottish reaction, and Simon Jack kept us informed about what the results could mean for the economy and the wider picture.

The morning after the night before, Sarah Montague presented the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4, reporting on initial reactions and drilling down into the socio-political impact of the result going forward.

Ayesha Hazarika was a panellist on the ITV News at Ten’s results special, lending her experience and opinions throughout the night, and first thing Friday morning was on Good Morning Britain to discuss the verdict.