Emily Maitlis delivered the flagship address of the 2022 Edinburgh TV Festival – The James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture – as the Festival returned to an in-person event.

Maitis’s lecture covered the complex world of modern journalism where the threat to reporting the news and holding power to account across the globe, comes not just with intimidation and outright censorship, but in more nuanced ways with language and normalizing the extraordinary.

“The list of extraordinary people who have given this lecture before me makes this an honour beyond belief. It is a massive privilege – but also a responsibility. To get this right. The need to hold power to account without fear or favour is more urgent than ever before. We are good at documenting censorship and intimidation of journalists around the world. But we are sometimes too slow to recognise how and when it is happening in more subtle ways, closer to home. In many places the political actors, their style of communication and their relationship with the truth has changed. Journalism needs to respond robustly to that challenge.”

You can listen to Emily’s keynote lecture along with some post-match analysis from Emily and Jon Sopel on their soon to be launched Podcast, The News Agents in an early special. Click here to listen.