Philip Collins is a writer at The Times, the Sunday Times and Prospect magazine.


His work has also been published in the New Statesman, the Spectator and the Daily Telegraph. Mr Collins is also a regular television and radio pundit and has appeared on all the major political and cultural programmes. He is the author of two novels and many monographs on public policy. His most recent books have been The Art of Speeches and Presentations, a manual on how to speak well, When They Go Low, We Go High, a study of the greatest speeches made and Start Again, a manifesto for better politics. Mr Collins has spoken, on these book and other matters, at many literary festivals, especially Hay and Cheltenham, where he is a regular.


In addition to his work as a writer, Mr Collins is also the Writer-in-Chief and Founder of a rhetoric company, The Draft. The work of The Draft is to write for Chief Executive Officers across the world, to improve the quality of their public language. To that effect, his style guide for business, To Be Clear, which will be published by Hachette in the autumn. He also teaches a course on the use of rhetoric in public life at the Blavatnik School of Government at Oxford University.


Mr Collins was, between 2004 and 2007, the Chief Speech Writer to the Prime Minister Tony Blair in 10 Downing Street. Before that he was the Director of the independent think tank the Social Market Foundation and was, for five years, an Equity Strategist at HSBC and Dresdner Kleinwort Benson. Mr Collins has also worked at London Weekend Television, the BBC and as a research officer for Frank Field MP. He was educated at the Universities of Birmingham, London and Cambridge, where he was also a Tutor in political thought.