Linda is a journalist who isn’t afraid to speak up, ask tough questions and challenge the norm but in a way that is sensitive, thought provoking and nuanced. A peaceful rebel Linda has a passion for telling the stories of unheard voices and uses her journalism to address imbalance and question injustice, while at the same time following the journey of her audience and learning with them.

Linda is the host of an exciting new MTV series True Life Crime where she will investigate stories of four deaths. By unearthing new questions about the cases and discovering eye-opening revelations Linda will explore the circumstances of these crimes and why certain elements have remained a mystery. She also the host of new BBC Three documentary Is Uni Racist? where she investigated what happened when students of colour complain about racist abuse to their universities.

Having grown up in Peckham, South East London at a time of extreme violence in the area Linda quickly realised that it shouldn’t be normality to have friends and acquaintances murdered on the street. Driven by a desire of telling the true stories of those often ignored or misrepresented in the mainstream media, Linda started her in career journalism in BBC Radio Nottingham while still studying at University. She quickly made a name for herself in the industry as an exciting new talent who isn’t afraid of a challenge. Moving from production to on air, she has worked across the networks flagship shows including BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat, News at 6 and 10pm, BBC London local news as well as content for BBC News Online. She has also hosted episodes of The Next Episode podcast one of the latest products in BBC News drive to reach younger audiences.

Passionate about music, Linda grew up during the rise of grime and with the sound of ‘Channel U’ shaping her childhood. With Nigerian parents, Afrobeats gave Linda her identity and gave her the confidence to be proud of her heritage at a time when it wasn’t always possible to do so. When not working Linda is always on the lookout for new adventures with food and travel. Bursting with passion, determination and initiative Linda is a fresh new talent poised to make waves throughout the industry.