With over 30 million views online, Just These Please are a sketch comedy company that thrive both live and online.


Since forming in 2018 they have sold out two 5-star Edinburgh Fringe runs, had multiple viral videos online and were finalists for the 2019 Kilkenny Cat Laughs Best Newcomer Award.


Just These Please are that classic combo of 3 actor-comedians and 1 shipping lawyer; William Sebag-Montefiore, Georgie Jones, Philippa Carson and Tom Dickson.


They come recommended by the Guardian and the British Comedy Guide and have performed sketches and songs live on the BBC.

Their sketches are generally apolitical, often musical and always hilarious.


★★★★ – Chortle “Remarkably tight”

★★★★★ – Voice Mag “Comedy gold…I am still laughing”

★★★★★ – Three Weeks “Countless highlights”

★★★★★ – The Arts Desk “Astonishingly high hit-rate”

★★★★★ – Black Diamond FM “25 hilarious sketches”

★★★★★ – Pop Dust “An hour’s worth of solid-gold material”

★★★★★ – London Live Post “The best show to start your day with”


Just These, Please’s online sketches have gone viral with over 30 million views – take a look at their When You Order Coffee With An Irish Name sketch below: