Jules Coleman founded, built and sold UK based domestic cleaning marketplace start-up, Hassle.com.


A key figurehead in her native Ireland’s tech scene – and named as one of the Irish Independent’s ‘30 Under 30 Shaping Ireland’s Future’ – Jules believes in taking a hands-on, direct approach to life and business.


Formerly a management consultant with Accenture and PwC, in 2011 Jules spent six weeks teaching herself to code before quitting her job and, along with Alex Depledge, building and launching Hassle.com, which successfully grew into one of the largest European players in the industry.


The determined manner in which Jules went about setting up the online cleaning platform has helped to make her a sought after speaker and commentator on a range of topics including coding, tech education, start-ups, entrepreneurship and women in business.


Jules has lent her expert opinion to a number of TV and radio programmes, including Girls Can Code for BBC3 and The Bottom Line for BBC Radio 4.


In January 2015 Jules was named by the Irish Independent as one of the ten ‘faces to watch out for in 2015’.


In 2017, Jules and Alex’s brand new venture Buildpath.com broke even only 4 months after launching.