Joss trained at Mountview and gained a multitude of circus skills from her training at AirCraft Circus, including contortion.


Joss recently performed in The Rest Cure at the Optik Theatre, she played the youngest daughter, Luda, in Vassa Zheleznova at Southwark Playhouse and Dorset in Richard III at the New Diorama; both with innovative, physical theatre-centric company The Faction.


Her other theatre credits include: Five Birds In A Cage, The New Poor and Pros And Cons (Optik Ltd); A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Watch Your Head); Between The Soup And The Savoury (Love, Work and the Vote) and Jane Eyre (The Rosemary Branch & The Brockley Jack).


Joss’ recent film credit includes Winter Ridge playing the role of Holly Evans, The Hallow, Through A Glass Darkly and A Fear of Parenthood.