Joel Veitch writes, directs and performs comedy.

He is the multi-award-winning creator of the cult website – home of singing kittens and moon-obsessed Spongmonkeys – which he founded in 2000.

Joel creates narrative comedy, such as the critically-acclaimed half-hour Christmas special Uncle Wormsley’s Christmas broadcast on Sky Atlantic. He also creates short films, sketches, commercials and idents for TV and web. His commercials work includes a ten-year stint creating the kitten-based commercials for Crusha milkshakes, and his short films include the festival favourite I Love You So Hard. In May 2015, The Poke started broadcasting Joel’s new animation Putin’s Lunchbox, a hilarious new animated chat show, which uses cutting edge technology to turn the actors into real-time animations.

Working mainly but not exclusively with animation, Joel is also at home in front of a camera both as performer and as a commentator. He has regularly appeared on Sky News and elsewhere as an internet pundit. He also writes and sings songs.