James is a stand-up comedian, writer, singer, composer and musician.


He is particularly well known for his musical and political comedy, with contributions to The Now Show, The News Quiz, Look Away Now, Newsjack, Chat Show RouletteLaura Solon Talking and Not Talking and Tilt, amongst others. He has a self-confessed obsession with election night broadcasts and appeared on Sixty Years of Swing with Peter Snow during the 2015 campaign.


He regularly tours the country as a stand up and has written and performed in numerous Edinburgh shows, the most recent of which being SherwoodJam in 2015.


James is also a classical singer, pianist, composer and arranger. His vocal arrangement of the University Challenge theme tune featured in a BBC2 documentary about the TV quiz. He is also a regular choral singer, despite not being a Christian, which he explored in his 2006 solo Edinburgh debut I Know What You Did Last Sunday.