Jadey is an award-winning writer and performer, working in Comedy-Action and Drama.


After graduating from theatre school, Jadey went on to star in and produce many UK independent films, working on the set of major productions for the BBC and Channel 4, International TV commercials, music videos and live performances.


She then fell head first, literally, into working as a stunt woman, action performer and actor in a wide variety of Hollywood films such as Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One, Universal Pictures The Huntsman Winter’s War, and Marvel’s blockbuster Guardians Of The Galaxy.


Growing up as class clown, Jadey soon fell in love with physical comedy and felt inspired watching classics like Keaton, Chaplin, the Pythons, and contemporaries Jackie Chan and Mr Bean. Her aim is to develop a new comedic style using lovable, relatable, real female characters in a new genre of Female Comedy Action Television.


Jadey is passionate about making female-driven stories that are as cinematic as they are funny, representative and modern, but that also have excellent jokes and head-butts!


Her end goal is to create and write original TV shows and movies that reflect this.


She is currently writing and pitching two contrasting TV shows, a dark dramedy based on a true story, and of course, a comedy-action series.


Jadey has also established her own production entity DreamMore Films, to develop hers, and other, contemporary projects.