Benet Brandreth is a leading Intellectual Property Barrister, novelist, performer and sought-after speaker on rhetoric and the power of language.


Benet’s extensive experience in rhetoric and advocacy training has led him to coach executives in public speaking, as well as deliver lectures and workshops to various highly esteemed institutions including the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), Warwick University and the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.


His novel, The Spy of Venice, was published in 2016 is a thrillingly inventive, historical re-telling of how Shakespeare became the world’s greatest master of the English language. Benet’s one man show, The Brandreth Papers, was a sell-out at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with reviews billing him as “One of the nation’s most accomplished raconteurs” and “…captivating…Brandreth holds the audience’s complete attention.”


As a two time winner of the World Public Speaking Competition (Ireland in 1996 and Australia in 2000), Benet’s light-hearted keynotes and after-dinner turns are incisive, persuasive and utterly original.


“Benet Brandreth’s rhetoric workshops exploring the foundation and fundamental principles of argument and persuasion have excited and inspired our actors.”
– Lyn Darnley, Head of Voice & Artist Development, Royal Shakespeare Company