Noel Gay Artists and its clients are major suppliers of quiz, game and other formats and intellectual rights – a selection of which are listed below:

The Weakest Link – By Fintan Coyle and Cathy Dunning. Notorious general knowledge quiz that needs no further introduction. Currently being exploited globally.

The Frost Collection – Sir David Frost’s groundbreaking TV interviews. Available on the internet at

Oh Shoot! – Sports Quiz format

Numberoos – A Countdown-style puzzle solving game.

Rock the Family – Pop Quiz devised by Pete Mitchell

Pop Monkey – An eclectic comedic cultural trivia show by Robin Ince.

Tell Me More… – Current affairs discussion programme

12th Floor – Informal late night music format developed by Pete Mitchell and Leona McCambridge.

A Kick in the Arts – Fast-moving Arts quiz

Tales from the Crease – Sports format

Head to Head – High brain Mastermind-style quiz format

History History – Multi-faceted quiz.

Bodyworks – Musical by Richard Stilgoe

Brilliant The Dinosaur – Musical by Richard Stilgoe